Dark Season 3 Review: Brilliant Netflix Sci-Fi Series ends with a Bang!

Dark Season 3 Review: Brilliant Netflix Sci-Fi Series ends with a Bang!

The greatest trick nested within “Dark” is what it manages to make inevitable. Even before the third and final season of the German-language Netflix sci-fi time travel epic, each new wrinkle has arrived with a shock, but also with the storytelling confidence that this is always how it would unfold. Juggling a dizzying amount of causal loops and concurrent timelines and logical paradoxes, “Dark” has always operated with a combination of precision and patience required to make each new successive detail feel earned. In telling the story of the unassuming town of Winden, the construction of that story has felt, fittingly, like that of a ticking clock.

What that means, though, is that Dark is distilled to its essence, which is a mix of epic philosophical arguments and sad vignettes about loss and betrayal, all wrapped up in anything-goes sci-fi and gorgeous production design that delivers ice-cool ideas and imagery. You will, for instance, have to travel a long way forwards in time before you see anything as absurdly chilling as a three-person death squad who are the boy, man and grandpa forms of the same guy; the plotline where two characters murder each other but both survive is surely a television first.

Near the end of the season, when Dark’s loosely enforced restrictions on its own timelines are junked, the only response is to laugh and enjoy the fireworks.

It goes for the petrified teenager grabbing the hand of cross-dimensional messenger insisting that they follow. And it goes for every character in this saga who, when presented with proof of the impossible, responds with something other than outright rejection. Even with all that uncertainty, “Dark” has maintained that highwire act for three of the most thrilling sci-fi TV seasons ever made. To see it make it across the chasm with its ambitions and technique intact is certainly something worth remembering.

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