Rekha refuses to allow BMC officials inside her bungalow.

Rekha refuses to allow BMC officials inside her bungalow.

According to the reports, veteran actress Rekha refuses to allow BMC inside her bungalow. Apparently, the actress also has refused to get her COVID test done.

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According to multiple media reports, veteran actress Rekha has refused to allow the BMC officials to enter her house for sanitization. It was just a few days ago, the news broke of Rekha’s security guard along with few staff members have been infected and tested positive.


In the middle of all the chaos, the actress not allowing BMC officials to enter the house has come as shock to all of us. According to reports, Rekha’s manager Farhana interacted with the BMC staff when they reached the former’s bungalow. She then gave them her number and reportedly asked them to call before moving on with any further procedures. Later when her manager Farhana was called, she reportedly informed that Rekha is doing fine and is not willing to get tested for COVID because she had not come in contact with anyone.

Not just that, reports also state that the BMC had sent a sanitization team to the residence of the veteran actress but they were not allowed to enter or sanitize the bungalow. Earlier, Hindustan Times reported that Rekha did not want to be tested by BMC officials and had instead opted to get the test done herself. She was supposed to submit the test results to the concerned authorities.

Along with Rekha, the Bachchans also recently broke the news of getting infected by the virus. All their four bungalows have been sanitized and declared as containment zone by the BMC. While the doctors are at the front fighting the virus, staying indoors and abiding by the rules given by the BMC is the least we can do.

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