Sunny’s latest Instagram post with her ‘Hottie’

Sunny’s latest Instagram post with her ‘Hottie’

Sunny’s latest Instagram post with her ‘Hottie’ is a must watch as they give their fans some major couple goals.

Sunny has been in Los Angeles since the lockdown and is definitely having absolute fun with husband Daniel Weber and the kids. She travelled to US amid lockdown to keep her kids safe from the pandemic.

Since then, the couple is leaving no stone unturned in protecting their children as they keep looking for a secluded place for their kids. Recently sunny took to Instagram to share a rather cute photo with her darling as they chill on the beach. Showing off her ‘Hottie’ she posted a picture with Daniel captioning it as, “Social distancing at the beach!! Can’t get any better than this! California LOVE!”
Check out her post here:

Sharing a cute photo with Daniel she wrote, “ In the sunshine with this hottie @dirrty99”

Previously she had shared a cute video where she was seen massaging Daniel, her husband and he was seen in an extremely relaxed mode enjoying the massage. Sunny’s lockdown posts are nothing but will only make you smile. Be it with the husband or jumping in the pool with her friend, she is here to make your quarantine blues fade away.

Earlier, in an interview with Bombay Times, Sunny spoke about her plans for returning to India. She said, “I did not want to leave my Mumbai home at all. The plan to return to India is based on when international flights resume, normally. As soon we can fly back, we will. We want to be on the next flight to India.”

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