Milind Soman spends lockdown in Lonavala

Milind Soman spends lockdown in Lonavala

Milind Soman who is currently spending his lockdown in Lonavala has shared an image on Monday with a strong message. Miling Soman who has moved to Lonavala, a hill station located between Mumbai and Pune recently took to Instagram to share a wonderfully positive message that will lift up your spirits in this lockdown.

The actor wrote, “lockdown in Lonavala!! We are transformed little by little every moment. We are not the same as we were when we we were children, or teenagers, or at any other age. Our bodies, our minds, our attitudes and perceptions are all changing due to internal and external influences. Everything we eat, read or watch, every interaction and conversation has an effect. Mindfulness and awareness help to identify and guide this transformation moment by moment so that we may become the people we want to be and create the world we want to live in. Stay positive. Love yourself. Surround yourself with love.”

Check out the post here:

The picture shows bare-chested Milind posing for the camera, from behind lush green plants. His moustache, beard and hair are all in shades of grey but he looks every bit the star he is.

Through much of the pandemic period, Milind had been messages of hope. Thinking aloud about life’s success mantra, he had said: “If you have a goal, first know your reason to achieve it with absolute clarity, understand what needs to be done to achieve it, in detail, and then give yourself NO CHOICE ! – success is inevitable – Transformation Series 2020.”

Milind has been inspiring young and old to include some form of exercise into their daily regimen, irrespective of their surroundings or condition in life. To that effect, Milind shares videos and pictures of doing exercise of roof tops, middle class surroundings, and in no-fuss, non-gym setups. He debunks age-related issues as a deterrent to exercise by sharing his 81-year-old mother Usha’s videos.

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