Milind Soman shares his first ad in 1989!

Milind Soman shares his first ad in 1989!

Milind Soman shares his first ad in 1989. Milind Soman has taken to social media to share a throwback picture of him from an ad shoot in 1989. We recently came across his photo where he was seen shirtless and enjoying the lockdown in Lonavala.

Actor and model Milind Soman shared picture from his first advertisement shoot in 1989. He mentioned how he was not clear about career choices at the age of 23 and was wondering whether he ‘should start a career as a waiter or a cook’.

Sharing the picture, he wrote: “#ThrowbackThursday ! My first advertisement in 1989 I was offered Rs 50,000 to shoot some pictures for a couple of hours and I was so shocked, I thought the people were completely mad I was 23 years old, working in a hotel at that point, wondering if I should start a career as a waiter or a cook, am sure I would have loved working in hotels too the world is an amazing place!”

Check out the post here:

Fans of Milind were delighted to see his throwback picture. One user said: “I still remember how mad I went when I saw you in Made in India video.” Another said: “50k in 1989 for photo shoot ?” A third person said: “Your story inspire to never stop believing!” Yet another fan gushed: “Whoever spotted you is a genius himself!!”

 Last Thursday too, he shared a then-and-now photo of himself and wrote: “#ThrowbackThursday another time, another place, I see that old familiar face .. many things have changed, many remain the same.. it is our responsibility to ourselves to never lose sight of who we are, of our dreams, and where we want to go.. stay young, at least in the mind.”

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