Bobby Deol on nepotism

Bobby Deol on nepotism

Bobby Deol speaks up on nepotism. Actor Bobby Deol completed 25 years in the film industry this year. After debuting with Barsaat in 1995, Bobby has had his good times at the movies. Talking in an interview with Hindustan Times, Bobby spoke about the highs and lows in his career, how he had no work for almost three years in-between and nepotism.

When asked how it is for him to be Dharmendra‘s son in relation to his career, he says that he has never thrown around his weight because he was Dharmendra’s son. Speaking about what he calls ‘the internet’s pet word’, Nepotism, he says that it exists everywhere, and that if it was only about being Dharmendra’s son, he would have gotten films left, right and centre. He says that’s not how his parents taught him to be and says that it’s all about working hard and not giving up. He said, “ I have gone out and asked for work. No matter you are a star kid or from a normal background, it is important to let people know you are there, you need to keep trying. For three years I kept trying, I didn’t have work. So you can say, I have seen both sides of the coin — of being a star kid and of being a nobody in the industry. So it’s all about being persistent.

Bobby adds that there have been so many star kids who have come and gone and no one has spoken about them, reiterating that it takes more than that to succeed. He points out that most of the actors who are on the top are not star kids.

Booby Deol will be seen in the Netflix Original film, Class of ’83. The fans surely can’t wait to see him in the film.

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