Arshad Warsi shares hilarious meme on learning Punjabi

Arshad Warsi shares hilarious meme on learning Punjabi

Arshad Warsi says he can learn Punjabi in one of the most simple ways. Check it out here.

Arshad Warsi

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi has found the funniest possible way to learn the Punjabi language and has shared it with his fans as well. He posted a meme that gave cheat codes for learning some common words in Punjabi.

The text on the image says ‘English to Punjabi made easy’ lists down a few numbers against some words. The numbers are marked as Punjabi version of the words. A hilarious take on the similarities between how numbers are pronounced in Hindi and a few Punjabi words sound, the list offers a fun take on the language. For example, daughter-in-law is 9 (nuu), tell me is 10 (duss) while sleep quickly is 3600 (chetiso). Arshad tweeted the image and wrote, “Finally I can learn the language I love.”

Arshad’s fans were quick to lap up his humour. One fan tweeted, “really made it simplest.” Another wrote, “Intelligently compiled. requires a lot of hard work.” One wrote, “Bhaji tussi aajo 10 din amritsar 36 sikha davanga. (Brother, come to Amritsar for 10 days and I will teach you quickly).” Another one advocated the language and tweeted, “You will enjoy it while speaking like ghanta Singh of double dhamaal.”

Arshad has been active on Twitter and some of his recent ones have also created quite a storm. One of his tweets said, “I would like to request my fellow cyclists to forgive 4 wheel drivers & bike riders, for almost running us over, in spite of empty roads at 7 am. THEY ARE NOT BLIND, THEY JUST CANT SEE. We never knew that once you get on your cycle, you and your cycle become invisible.”

Arshad Warsi was last seen in a Voot original Thriller Asur. It also starred Barun Sobti and Anupriya Goenka in pivotal roles.

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